Backlog Status February 2014

Between a translation job and preparation for BitSummit I did not have a whole lot of time for game playing in February. I squeezed in some Threes and FF9 along with beating three games.

February 2014 Completed Games

  • 2014.02.01: Breath of Fire (Suruga-ya)
  • 2014.02.17: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
  • 2014.02.28: New Super Mario U (Amazon)

I tried to do a BoF series play through a few years ago, and I am finally making progress. SMB Deluxe was a quickie and finishing NSMU means I can do what I promised myself and go sell it and pick up 3D World. Not to say I did not enjoy NSMU. I will be writing about this one soon.

February 2014 Purchases

I also went the entire month only buying one gam, but it was one I sure got some time out of. I might go back to it now and again, but the throbbing obsession I had has cooled down.

The PS4 is out in Japan, but I cannot really be assed to bother with it until FF15 hits. Whatever year that will be.