Nintendo VC Releases for 2014.02.26

Lots of games this week. Also, Suruga-ya approved me as an affiliate so if you feel like picking up a hard copy of these games, any of the links will help me out. So, you know. No pressure or anything.

Wii U VC


And here we go, the Romancing SaGa series is now all available on the Wii U VC! There is a Romancing Saga event happening in Saga Prefecture next month, and I hope all of this SaGa stuff leads up to a new game. I was surprised how cheap Doctor Mario could be had for in cart form, although I am fairly sure I have a cart myself somewhere. That said, it is a wonderful game to have everywhere. And Super Star Soldier is the originally PC-Engine only sequel to Star Soldier. Lots of shooters recently on both Virtual Consoles.



  • Alien Crush (PC Engine): ¥600 (¥500 cart-only, ¥630 on Suruga-ya)
  • R-TYPE (PC Engine): ¥600
  • Street Fighter 2010 (Famicom): ¥500 (¥1999 cart-only on Suruga-ya)

Three games on the 3DS VC this week. Outstanding if only for that fact entirely. Alien Crush is one of those classics that I have never gotten my hands on, R-TYPE is one that I have played when there was nothing else. Street Fighter 2010 is… I might have to pick this up because it is history, you know. How the world should have been, you know.