Tuning into the radio again...


Less than two weeks ago I wrote about how I was listening to the J-pop station on iTunes Radio. So two weeks later, my opinion is…

Eh, it is free.

There are a handful of songs that I like that I get, but the variety is unsurprisingly low. Every day I get the same few songs. Like I said, I enjoy a good handful of them so this is great but it does not get me the variety that I originally wanted.

Another issue is that, and this is more on Apple’s side, is that the Music app is where I get most of my crashes on my iPhone. I have heard that the 5S can have some issues with certain apps, and my 5 is still chugging fairly well except for the Music app.

Another oddity is that I sometimes have to delete the radio station and create it again for it to play. All of my liked songs stay that way, and the station I made based off The Beatles has no problems like this.

So, not as great as I had hoped.