Tight snow

I drove for five minutes in the snow today. I started going up a hill and then, in the most frightening moment of the past few years, got stuck. There was enough on the ground to prevent my dinky car from going uphill. I called my boss and told her that I was going to have a problem getting to work. She told me to focus on safely getting home first. That safely getting home took me sixty minutes.

A slow, tense sixty minutes of me slowly backing my car down the hill when other cars were not coming. Remember, the car would not go forward. At all. But I backed down until I could turn into a side road and go forward down the hill again. Then I took a nice, slow drive home in the heavy traffic.

Am I a bad driver?

Maybe. There were no accidents due to me, and I made it home safely. Another car got stuck when it was passing me and yet another slid off the road when making a turn. I made it home safely, not even a ding added to my car.

I did suffer some damage, however. Major tension that has had my back, neck and shoulders in pain for the whole day. This is stress in physical form. Obvious, sure, but damn if it does not make me think about how I stress about things or what I stress about. Realizing these stresses and focusing in on how to get them away is something that I need to keep focus on. Without doing that, anything could be keeping me stuck in pace, terrified to move.