Beardog, the eater of love

Beardog sat and shat. She did not like the name Beardog, but that’s what she was. And no one had ever bothered to give her a name and she was not about to go naming herself. No one cared about Beardog. She sometimes thought that was a problem. And maybe it was. Without anyone to care for you, how could you get by?

But she did. She did get by.

Finishing her business she wandered to the edge of the cliff and looked out to the city. It was a small, pointless city except to all the humans who lived there. They loved it enough, except for when they didn’t. Which was from time to time. Beardog could see the love as if it was a color of off-white-salmon that glowed from skin of each human. It was at its brightest on Friday night and its gloomiest Monday morning. And it sustained her. Even though the love was not for her, the love that was there did make her feel better. Seeing happy humans made her happy. The problem was, no one was happy to see her.

She made her way down to the city and began to walk around. She was small enough to not get too much attention. Only when someone looked real close could they tell she was no normal dog. Or bear. But then again, she must have looked more like a bear or otherwise her walks would never have gone as well as they have. With the amount of happy that she could see floating around the town she knew it had to be Friday.

Beardog wandered towards the center of the city, the orange sun covering her back. Across the street she saw a gap of air over a young male human and female human with no happy whatsoever. Next to them was an even larger gap over a small human child. The human child was gripping a small rubber ball tightly. So tight, that it suddenly popped out of the tiny hands that contained it and rolled into the street. The child followed.

A car sped down the road. Beardog dashed and flung her body towards the child. Her tail brushed against the side of the car as the child whacked into the young woman’s legs. Beardog picked herself up and looked at the three humans and she could see the happy floating off of the male and female humans. Another male human, large and beareded, began to shake his fist at Beardog. Beardog ran off back into the woods.

It was getting dark now. Beardog headed back to the top of the cliff and looked down on the city. The happy was floating fairly heavily this Friday night. She breathed in deeply and consumed it, feeling more nourished thans he had it years.

Beardog sat and was happy.