All Japanese Radio(?) All The Time

IMG_5475 AJATT changed my life. Getting myself to realize that I needed to do the things in Japanese that I was putting off until I was “good” at Japanese to get good at Japaense was a huge revelation. SRS sure helped too.

But I have been stuck on the audio level. I had bought some music but repeating it as much as I did got me a bit tired of it. With my disposable income not able to include music and a desire not to pirate, I was a bit stuck.

Back in the states I often listened to the radio on my way to and back from work. Even if I had a CD I enjoyed, the variety of radio made up for the commercials. Japanese radio in my area is mostly AM talk, and I can only take so much of the local guy singing the Hanshin Tigers song when they win, or being depressed when they lose.

I grabbed a handful of Japanese podcasts, but Dan Benjamin and his 5by5 network makes most other podcasts in any language difficult for me to handle. You get spoiled by high quality.

So what to do? The other day I accidentally opened up the Music app on my iPhone and saw the iTunes Radio options. I tapped on create a new station, slid down to World Hits and found J-Pop nestled down at the bottom, just above K-Pop and New Age. This was in the North American store. The Japanese store? No iTunes Radio as far as I can find. Eep?

The results? A fair chunk of variety including GACKT, Perfume, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Utada Hikaru and even Hatsune Miku. Playing on my iMac I found myself getting a fair chunk of commercials, but I get none on my iPhone. No idea what is up with that, but it makes my decision of where to listen easier.

And while I have gotten a few repeats so far, they have all been songs that I have starred, which is no issue with me. It will take a few days to see if the variety will hold up, but considering the price, I am not complaining.