Trouble is annoying in Final Fantasy 9


The 迷惑(meiwaku) status effect in Final Fantasy 9 takes half of the physical damage that a character takes and spreads it amongst the other party members. It is, as its name implies, annoying. The item that cures this status effect is 迷惑チン(meiwakuchin). Seeing this hit me with a ton of bricks for how clever it is because the Japanese word for vaccine is ワクチン(wakuchin). Mei_wakuchin_. So good.

In the NA version the status effect became Trouble and the item Annoytment. That is a great name for the item, but the connection between it and the status effect is not as obvious as in the Japanese. So I have been sitting here thinking, Is there even a better name? For what? Well, either.

Annoy as the name of the status effect does not feel “right”. Why? Well, how would you say it in a sentence describing the character? Let’s compare Trouble and Annoy to the common RPG status effect Poison.

Zidane is poisoned.
Zidane is troubled.
Zidane is annoyed.

Zidane being “annoyed” does not work since it sounds more of a reaction of his rather than something that was inflicted. Trouble does fit into the standard mold.

But Annoytment is so good that the connection is begging to be made. I am sure the people who worked on the game felt the same way because this is, again, obvious, but not the route they chose. So something that works with trouble? The best I can come up with after a bit of thinking is Troubalm. Do not know if I like it as much as Annoyntment, but the connection it makes between the status effect and the curative item feels stronger.