Nintendo VC Releases for 2014.01.29

Wii U VC

Bubble BobbleWario's WoodsSuper Adventure IslandPenguin Adventure

  • Bubble Bobble (Famicom): ¥500 (Not available on Suruga-ya.)
  • Wario’s Woods (Famicom): ¥500 (¥460 in box.)
  • New Adventure Island (PC Engine): ¥600 (¥1600)
  • Penguin Adventure (MSX): ¥800 (Not available on Suruga-ya.)

Man, it is ever weird to see Square-Enix as the publisher for Bubble Bobble. Considering the hours I have put away on this game, I have the strange feeling that I should help my son experience it. Then I remember how you get the real ending, which I never did. So no thanks, Square-Enix. I am still bitter.

Nothing else this week that I would even consider grabbing, though. Wario’s Woods slipped through my radar as a kid and the Adventure Island games were borderline torture. New Adventure Island  is quite the deal, however. Kind of surprised Wario's Woods is so cheap, even though it is a late Famicom game. Interesting fact is that Penguin Adventure is the sequel to Antarctic Adventure and was not only the first game that Hideo Kojima worked on, but also features a good/bad ending system similar to that of Metal Gear Solid.


Might Final Fight

Only one game on the 3DS this week, and not one I will be grabbing. Mighty Final Fight does have all three characters from the arcade release and I think it might be the first Nintendo version that actually did this as Final Fight Guy replaced Cody with Guy, strangely enough. I must admit I like the style of this one more than the arcade version and its ports.