Billy and the Eatyourfaceomorph


One of the joys of replaying games is coming across parts you entirely forget. Squall and Rinoa are stuck in space. How in the hell do they get out of this? Oh yes, a spaceship appears and they float towards it. And they in love now, so that is great. Junction up their GFs so they can forget this hell afterwards, right?

Then Final Fantasy 8 becomes an homage to a horror space-movie for a few minutes. I think it was called Billy and the Eatyourfaceomorph.

While FF7 was chock full of non-RPG-like mini-games[ref]Which arguably started in FF6.[/ref] and FF8 had its share as well, this is probably the best executed of all of them. Yeah, it is not so much a “mini-game” except that it is exactly what a mini-game in a game should be. The game itself slightly changed. Eight monsters walk around the spaceship and you have to figure out how to defeat them. Because they keep getting back up. Until you destroy the two of the same color consecutively. You either figure this out for yourself or find the notes of the old crew. Neither too complex or cheap.

What made it fun in my latest play-through was how Odin showed up three times on a freaking spaceship. Makes sense? I was not about to complain as it made the whole affair go pretty quickly. Figuring out the puzzle as the giant things ran towards you, potentially messing with your well-laid plans, made for a event of appropriate intensity after the whole floating-in-space adventure.