Nintendo VC releases for 2014.01.22

Not a whole lot this week, but one in particular has me excited.

Wii U VC

Double DragonRomancing SaGa 2

Although I already own a copy of Romancing SaGa 2 - and you can get it cheaper physically - I will probably be grabbing this because the idea of playing it with the ability to pause at any moment and resume later is well worth the money. Plus, those battery saves go without saying.

Double Dragon, though, hot-damn! I realize that Famicom games in box are getting less common but that price surprised me. I do not recall seeing the game that much in my buying, but I was not looking either. Peeking at Yahoo! Auctions and I cannot even find it in box.


Legend of Kage

The VC releases on 3DS are slowing down a bit. The Legend of Kage had a sequel in 2008 for the DS. Thank you, Wikipedia. I remember trying this game a few times and never getting the hang of the jumping mechanics.