Rails not found


So, I thought I would get started on some Rails and made up a new application.

$ rails kozioleric$ rails new demo_app
Rails is not currently installed on this system.
To get the latest version, simply type:
$ sudo gem install rails
You can then rerun your "rails" command.


After spending hours trying to get Rails installed on Friday afternoon I was crushed. I played around with things for a bit and discovered that whoops! Somehow I was using Ruby 1.9.3 again.

rvm use 2.0.0

Hooray! Doodle around for a while. Come back later and

$ rails kozioleric$ rails server
Rails is not currently installed on this system.
To get the latest version, simply type: ...


New Rubutts be warned! Turns out that installing via rvm is not enough and telling it to use is not enough. I needed

rvm --default use 2.0.0

to get things working in a way that makes me happy. Obvious? I missed it somehow in all the various documents I was reading as I was setting this all up.

I am catching myself making a lot of “embarrassing” mistakes as I am getting back into coding. But if I am going to get to a point where I am even less than awful it is going to require a lot of pride-swallowing and gut-wrenching moments of asking questions that will get me laughed at. That I may have even a laughed at years ago.

I had trouble making friends when I was in Computer Science. That is not to say I did not make friends, because I have a few damn good friends from that field. Nor it is to imply that I was always good at making friends because, no. Yet as I read comments on Stack Overflow I feel that itch in back of my neck just as I did in my CS classes and was unsure about something. I want to ask but I know what potential snark is about to be brought down.

This is not unique to Computer Science, but it is an area that I consider myself “educated” in and I become sensitive about it.