I am straining to remember where I heard the idea to keep a programming notebook. I wish I had heard of it, and consequentially though to do it, a good while back. This is not taking notes in a text editor but rather writing notes about what you are coding as you code it. I picked up a Moleskine-like dollar notebook and started jotting notes as I was working on my current game.

Not just what I am doing, but what I am having problems with or what I might want to do. I only started doing this today I found that I was solving problems I was having for months[ref]Yup. This one has been coming slowly.[/ref] just by finally working at it in a “visual” way. And I never have thought of myself as a visual person.

I was originally thinking of using this one notebook for all of my coding, but at one hundred yen a pop, I think I might just dedicate one to an entire project. I do not want to be stingy about how much I should be “allowed” to write. If I am going to feel like writing “GIANT TEACUP” on a page for whatever reason, I do not want to stop myself.