Slashing prices


Damning my chances of beating more games than I buy this year, I dared to go into a nearby store that is selling its entire inventory half-off. I knew they had a copy of Rockman X5 tucked away and as that thing is banana pants expensive, all I could do was hope I was the only one who realized this.

I ended up putting a bit of stuff back, but I got an okay haul.

  • Game: I paid / Suruga-ya
  • Shadow Hearts II: ¥749 / ¥1,150
  • Star Ocean 3: Director’s Cut: ¥649 / ¥1100
  • Tales of the Tempest: ¥249 / ¥400
  • Rockman X5: ¥1299 / ¥2,780

X5 may be the only one I beat this year. Tempest was potential trade in fodder when the stores do the bonus money on trades. Shadow Hearts II I almost did not get, but as I just sold my US copy, I was feeling itchy to have it again. And I am on a replay streak.

I got Star Ocean 3 because I am a masochist, I suppose.