Off the rails

Ruby_on_Rails-logo I fell in love with coding back in 1997 on a Commodore 64 making a text adventure in BASIC. Yup. 1997. This was before I knew the “shame” of programming BASIC was even a thing. I just had fun. Ignorant fun, of course. I once thought that there was a “journey” of languages to learn, “Assembly” being the crown of them all.

Recently I noted how I was picking up some Ruby in order to do some Rails work because I want the Four Job Fiesta site to run better. After finishing the eBook I picked up to give myself a quick intro to Ruby, I decided to get Rails up and running.

And there went most of my night.

Let’s get Ruby 2.0.0, since they say that is what I should have for Rails development!

$ rvm install 2.0.0
Error: Failure while executing: git pull -q origin refs/heads/master:refs/remotes/origin/master

Googling told me I needed to get “brew” updated. Worry began to set in as I am now doing stuff that I do not know much about. But, up and away!

brew update

And yet.

fatal: 'origin' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Thankfully, I found this.

And as per that Stack Overflow

$ cd `brew --prefix`
$ git remote add origin
$ git fetch origin
$ git reset --hard origin/master
$ brew update
Already up-to-date.

Huz-fucking-zah. Ruby 2.0.0 installed fine and Rails right after. Problem is that I am beat just trying to get things up and running. I put a few more minutes of work into starting up a project and making sure things run on both my iMac and MBP. I goofed somewhere as I have to sudo in order to start up the server on the iMac for the one project I made, but in making another I seem to have no problems now.

Anyway. Video games. Then code tomorrow.