A sad child


Rinoa in the Japanese version FF8 is a big baby. Huge. Unbelievably so. In English, the feeling always was she was a bit naïve and childish, but at least somewhat on the way to adulthood. Squall was a right dick with the way he talked and all of his “…” dialog. In the Japanese version, he sounds like a confused, brain-not-completely-done-cooking young adult, which is exactly what he is. Not so much a dick, though.

Rinoa feels so much more childish in the Japanese. The way she extends her words, the way she talks while rocking back and forth, all of this makes it seem like Squall’s attitude towards her, especially giving his own issues, make actual sense. This is all through Disc 1 and a bit into Disc 2, so it will be interesting to see how things change when the characters themselves, well, you know. Change.

In my early thirties I am finding all of this a bit more sympathetic than the pathetic I was finding it in my mid twenties. _Both_ characters. Looking back at the dumb things I did myself as a teenager, it is a lot easier now to point out the whys and hows than it was even a few years ago. The perspective change is a bit shocking.

Which is making this whole Replaying-Games-I-Like thing even better. I am not the same human I was ten years ago. Amazingly, I am still enjoying the games[ref]More-so in some cases like FF3 and FF7, less-so in cases like FF1 and FF2.[/ref]