Slippery slope to hell

スクリーンショット 2014-01-15 22.07.28

After finding myself having fun with Excite Bike yesterday, I continued to be surprised by the joy I was getting from games like Balloon Fight, Pinball and even Golf. Yes. Golf. The teaching plus challenges of Famicom Remix work. Except for one game that is just fundamentally Not-Fun.

Ice Climber

The mechanics to this game are just wonky. Ice is slippery, yes. Ice tends to make for awful times, second only to swimming. Couple that with jumping that could not feel any floatier, and we are dealing with a recipe for disaster.

Look at that image I posted. That was my… I do not even want to think about how many tries it took for me to get up and latch on to that condor. I know I definitely had little Popo touching the condor during the attempts where I did not loftily jump to my doom. That 0.1 second remaining on the timer was not a thing of joy because I had finally completed the challenge, but rather that I would no longer have to deal with this.