Exciting motorcycles


Excite Bike is now interesting to me thanks to Famicom Remix. I had never thought I would enjoy this game since every time I picked t up I just raced until I crashed and then wondered why I ever bothered with it to begin with. All would have been explained to me via the manual, but every single copy I had ever played had long since parted ways with its instructions.

So I was dreading going into the Excite Bike stages but after being trained a bit I found a surprising joy in getting the bike level before landing, knocking over enemies and boosting to the finish. What needs to be noted here is that I had no idea I could do any of this. Yeah, my fault, to be sure. But the poking and prodding Famicom Remix did to get me on the path of playing the game proper opened me up to a something I assumed was dull and pointless.

I am not about to go drop five hundred yen for the digital copy of Excitebike, but I do have the 3D Classics version rotting away on my 3DS that looks mighty tempting now. Well done, Famicom Remix. Well done. The obvious thing here I am learning that I am a bit more closed minded about things that I had thought. The positive point is that good delivery can make anything appealing, something that is going right into my own notes for game design.