Bathing in Ruby light


To make up for missing Carbuncle, I spent the afternoon brushing up on Ruby. I had begun learning it back in summer 2012 with hopes of redoing the Four Job Fiesta making it better, stronger and so on. Things happened, as they do, but I spent a decent chunk of today setting up Rails and brushing up on Ruby basics.

So there may be some big changes coming to FF5FJF this year in terms of sign-ups and the way the pages get handled. At least I will have gotten it started and if things are not ready in time I can keep going with the old page and keep on working until I get it done.

Ruby is weird to me, though. The lack of semicolons at the end of lines makes it feel naked. I took a few glances at some of the Twitter integration bits that I would be using and it seems like this is going to be a good way to get things exactly how I want it to be. At worst, I will have learned a bit of a new skill.