So long, Carbuncle


Note: Do not image search for “carbuncle” and forget to add “Final Fantasy” at the end. Sweet mother of fuck.

As I was making a save near the end of FF8 disc one I realized I forgot to draw Carbuncle. The boss fight that it is obtainable in went so easy that I had completely forgotten that it was a boss fight. As the save complete jingle played, my heart sank as I noticed my earlier save was three hours back. I know I play slow and probably could have made up the lost time fairly quickly, but instead I just saved over the other save.

No turning back.

Making these kinds of decisions takes a bit of a sweating moment of pain. I had to realize that I would likely be fine without one Guardian Force for most of the game and I can get by without it being 100% perfect[ref]And I can still get Carbuncle later on.[/ref]. Being able to make these decisions and cut losses even for “”unimportant”” stuff is a skill that I am finding I need more and more each day as more and more stuff piles onto my plate.

Sorry, little green critter with a name of a gross thing. I will get you again on disc 4.