Going back through the booth


I remember few books from my school years. I loved to read, but was never particularly fond of anything that was prescribed to me. The bulk of my enjoyment came from things I grabbed out of the library or had received as gifts.

Seeing The Phantom Tollbooth sitting on a shelf in some store shelf for five American dollars brought back the memories of learning the word dodecahedron in fifth grade. Beyond that there was nothing other than a sense of enjoyment. Maybe I should get this for my son, I thought. I purchased the book and placed it in my suitcase.

Getting back to Japan I decided to dig into it. Just handing it to my son when he was old enough to read it would be no better than the books that seemed “randomly” prescribed to me in school. Maybe he would like it, maybe it would feel too forced. Reading it now, I am not remembering it for the most part but I am enjoying it. Hopefully I can find a way to pass it on to him so he can get the same enjoyment.