Can't escape


The worst thing about Final Fantasy 8 is holding L2 and R2 to run. FF8 is one of the oddest ducks of Final Fantasy, maybe second after 2, and this does not help it. No matter how many times I play the game my fingers go up to L1/R1 to escape battles. But, nope.

Playing it on the Vita is worse because L2 and R2 are by default on the back touchpad. Now there is no feedback and extra fumbling to find the right spots. I set the upper left and right areas of the touch screen to L2 and R2 and still have the same problem. It was suggested to set the front and back touch areas to the opposite of each other so you could pinch the Vita to run. Turns out that the left side of the back touchpad can only be set to L1, L2 and L3 and the right side to R1, R2 and R3. No problem as you can set the front touch screen areas any button, but it is still odd.

Then I tried it and just could not get the pinching right to run at all. Holding down buttons with the touchpad and touch screen just does not seem to want to work well.

Solution? Turn off Analog Mode, set the L-stick to be the D-pad, set the R-stick up to be L2+R2. Not preferable, but it works.