Lack of appetite

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the “"damage”“ from my nearly three weeks in America was a mere half kilogram. I was a lot more selective of what I ate this time and a lot less desiring of random junk.

That is not to say I did not eat 13/16 of a pumpkin pie. I totally did that.

Maybe it is age, "maturing” or just that people change every day but I did not want any specific food this time[ref]Well, excluding buffalo wings[/ref]. American meals make me feel full by looking at them. I took things home several times. I went without meals not as a diet but simply because I was still full from the day prior.

Which is perhaps what made this trip feel a bit empty to me. Seeing my friends and family was great, but even two weeks limits the amount of meeting up that can be done. Then when you get down to it, South Jersey is not the most interesting place to begin with and a jet-lagged two year old limits things. No matter how much you love him.