The worst amusement park ever

I have waited in lines for rides that lasted only a few minutes, but yesterday was the first time that I waited in line four hours for a ride that never happened. I had a post set to go up at this time as it was around when I would arrive in my apartment. It was all about my past two weeks back in America and all of that. But our flight was cancelled.

I could find so many things to complain about the experience, but it was a perfect opportunity for a few deep breaths and being as kind as I could to the people who had to deliver the awful news we did not want to hear. Nothing was changing the situation we had. Neither anger or panic would get my family in the air.

If it is not completely obvious by now, I do not fly much. The four hours of not having any idea of what was going on - while standing amongst other unhappy people as well - was a level of stress I had not felt in a while despite all my best efforts to remain calm. I am exhausted to a level that I am genuinely shocked by.

Thankfully AGDQ is on.