Feel bad for five minutes


My iPhone rumbled thrice. Receiving three messages in a few seconds meant a friend was being goofy, I was sure. So a minute or so later when I was done with my Read the Kanji reps, I took a look. Messages from au. I was connected to AT&T’s network and they were telling me about rates. I flipped airplane mode back on, unsure about how it had ever been disabled.

I read. “Thanks for using the network! Here are the rates!” I would be sending no messages or making no calls, but I realized that data might already be transferred. Panic set in. Up to thirty bucks in fees? Am I reading this wrong? Will I be charged thirty for just using data at all?

I set a timer. Five minutes. I would panic for five minutes and then be done with it[ref]You too can be a self-help guru by making trite comments![/ref].

I went over every possible situation in my mind. The timer went off. I got up, got a cup of coffee[ref]Scientifically “”proven”” to be helpful for stress, you know.[/ref] and went back to Dawn of Ys. There was literally[ref]Uniquely.[/ref] nothing I could do. I could pour over the text and make sure I understood. I could google the situation. But I am either getting charged a bit of cash or not. I have the money in my account. Woe unto me who might have to go without some snacks for a month because I accidentally turned off airplane mode.

The panic would have done me no good other than given me the chance to look back on the day and think “Where did the time go?” Even though I thought I would never leave panic mode after the timer fired, I did. The previous five or ten minutes that I frantically “read” Twitter trying to get the situation out of my mind did nothing. I let it consume me for exactly five minutes of my time and I was over it.

Still concerned? Yes. Still panicking? No.