Games I beat in December 2013

ff7logoTis the season to look at what I beat this month.

  • 2013.12.01: Chrono Trigger (Yearly replay, ending #3)
  • 2013.12.23: Final Fantasy 7

Eep. You would always think that vacation time means getting more games done, but traveling does do a number on the body. Getting through FF7 was more getting through being on an airplane and getting through jet lag than anything else. But it was worth the replay as I realized how much I love the game and how much it is not “”overrated”” as even I was starting to believe. It is a beloved game for many reasons.

Although I did not complete anything else, I have been poking at For the Sequel, Final Fantasy Legends and Zelda 2. I started FF8 and once I beat that and 9 I will be picking up the X and X-2 Vita pack - the main reason I started this whole FF series replay to begin with.

Winter vacation is still going on for a bit more and I have another 13 hour plane ride, so hopefully I can pound through FF8, Zelda II and some of my other backlog items.