Cars in Japan

cars-2-japan-retro-poster After being in America for a week, we sat down and watched one of my son’s Xmas presents, the blu-ray of Cars 2. I am no movie-buff. I am hardly a movie watcher. However, Cars 2 was a fun romp that played with an interesting character from the first film and took the opportunity to recreate locations around the world in the Pixar way. Cash grab? Well, what is not these days? Let us not go into that.

I was surprised how much the scenes in Japan got me ready to go back home. Notice that? Home. Although it may disappoint some people that I know and love here in America, this is just no longer my home. And I have become okay with that. Even if there are some people in Japan who may not want me there because I am foreign. Or some people who think I should be here because I am Mrkn.

I am not much of a movie watcher but I may be one of the few people in the world who had such an emotional reaction to Cars 2. Perhaps not the reason anyone intended but intent is not what wholly makes art.