Time differences

final-fantasy-8-fire-cavern-ifrit Booting up Final Fantasy 8, I sat down on my parent’s Comfy Couch™ and began to watch the last CG scene that enthralled me. I then went through the opening and dashed off to the Fire Cavern. Ten minutes on the clock, please. I beat Ifrit with 17 seconds to spare. He talks for his ten and I pound my Circle button to get through the menus.

Game Over.

“I forgot to save!” I think as I start a new file and save outside of the cavern this time. Thirty seconds on the clock and it still ticks as I finish going through the after-battle screens. I walk a few steps as it times out for another Game Over.

A little Twitter Time tells me that, yup, the Japanese and North American versions have a pretty big difference here. Your bonus in the NA version depends on how much time is left on clock when the battle with Ifrit ends. It is when you leave the cavern in the Japanese version. Whoops. I knew that. Right?

Okay, one more time! Hurry up with Ifrit and chug it back to the entrance. Everything is going well this time. Three steps or so away and twenty seconds on the clock. Cannot not make it! Finally, I will get to get on with the game.

Screen swooshes. Battle. Time is up. Game Over.

Fourth time I get it, and I save about five different files just in case. I do not want to do this again for a while.

I have played the Japanese version of FF8 before. Why did I make this mistake? Were the people explaining this test are clear or not? Granted, I mashed through that dialogue beacuse I “”knew everything”“. I mean, I have “”totally played this game before”“.

If anything, these replays of Final Fantasy games are teaching me that I do not remember everything after my first play through. Or second. Or third. And if I do this with video games, it must be doubly so with things like my job, Japanese and the people I interact with daily. So a bit of humility would serve me well as I take on the challenges of my life.

Oh, FF8. You are the game that keeps on giving.