Finishing Final Fantasy 7


It took me three times to beat Safer Sephiroth. I snoozed through the Kefka fight of my FF6 run even though only playing with Celes, Edgar and Setzer was a challenge. I am not sure if I ever have lost before this time, but I sure did twice.

The big thing of most Final Fantasy boss fights is their abilities to inflict many different status effects on you while they themselves are immune to almost everything. Another big one is the dropping of every character to 1 HP. Something I am pretty sure Kefka was the first to do and something I had no idea Sephiroth could.

The long Super Nova attack animation ended with Yuffie near death, Vincent and Cloud confused. Yuffie died to a swing from Cloud and then Vincent took out the rest of the party. Whoops. The next battle the Reduce-To-One-HP attack came just as I was fumbling with items in the menu to cure Cloud of his Being A Frog status. Then something else wiped me out.

I only had one Ribbon[ref]Are there even multiples in FF7? I am sure there are, but I just do not know.[/ref] There was only one other thing that would protect one more character from Confuse[ref]Really, the worst status effect in pretty much any RPG.[/ref], so I thought I was out of luck. Until I remembered that I could slot someone with the Confuse-casting materia and an Added Effect to get the defense. Bam. I knew that materia system was there for something besides making everyone overpowered.

Then patience saw me through. It was nice to touch up on this game again as I had forgotten how important it was to me. Next up is FF8 which I have not played in a long time.