Talking about a crater

NorthCrater-ffvii-wmThe North Crater in Final Fantasy 7 is something that feels like it should be the stuff of legend for me, and yet it is not. FF7 came out when I was a high school freshman, and distractions were high in a variety of areas. I bought a refurbished Playstation with my Xmas money and the copy of FF7 I picked up with it was the first Final Fantasy game I bought new. I did not finish the game until 2003. It was on a Greatest Hits version as my original disc 3 had been damaged in all the college moving I had been doing. As we had grown, my friends and I not only had less time for games[ref]If only I knew.[/ref] but what my friends and I were different enough that I did not have anything to talk about with them. In regards to most games, at least.

Which is what made the Internet so interesting for me. Having lots of people to talk with at any time about anything that I wanted to. As much as I enjoy the things that I enjoy, it is the discussions that gets me going. There are a number of films that I have no real desire to see other than to join in on the discussions that people have. The sense of community around these media is one of their real joys.