Farewell, pen

51-N87HWnsL._SL1500_ According to Amazon, I placed my order for my Fisher Space Pen on November 13, 2012. So it is a little more than a year and a month that this pen lasted me until it slipped out of my pocket and into a crack between the car door and the carpeting. The pen is now free to enjoy the rest of its existence underneath the carpeting of my car until the car is totaled one day.

I wonder if they will let me salvage the pen.

In all honesty, it was the best pen I have ever used. When I placed my original order I bought two just in case something happened. I will be buying another two this year. Sixteen bucks for a pen seems like a lot, but I did not need to refill it once despite how much I used it this past year. I was not even sure if I needed to pick up a refill just yet.

Nowadays, the rare occasions where I forget it I feel naked. Having something to write with at all times seems so obvious now, even though I went most of my years without it. Even with my iPhone on me at all times, the feeling of pen and paper is just unmatchable for jotting down things quickly. I wonder if my son will feel the same way. Or his children.