Happy birthday, Final Fantasy


Coincidences today! Well, more like something I did not notice. Final Fantasy came out on the 3DS VC today. It is also twenty six years since its release on the Famicom. Coincidence? Maybe not[ref]Oh, the excitement![/ref]! What I did was pick up the Final Fantasy I•II 1994 two-in-one release today without even realizing it was the anniversary.


The included map is pretty simple but neat. The cart itself is rather large. There is also a piece of styrofoam included[ref]Not pictured.[/ref]. What I spent my ¥800 for was the book that came with it. A complete guide to both games, it also features lots of artwork and slightly blurry screenshots. Blurry enough to be bothersome and have a slight “”cool”” feel to it. I like it. Plan to read through it.

Nineteen-hundred-and-nintey-four. That is about the time that I bought my own copy of Final Fantasy at a flea market for five dollars[ref]Fifteen? Maybe the year is wrong? Oh well. Makes for a good story.[/ref]. I never owned a lot of FF games when I was young because we just never came across them. Despite my pouring over the images in Nintendo Power. Renting was the major way I played games and despite my love for RPGs, renting them sucked. It was the few that I managed to snag for birthdays and Xmas presents that got me hooked. That at the five dollar bin from the flea market.

That five dollar cartridge was a big push towards where I am right now. The series is in a weird state right now, but hell, so am I. What it does still manage to do is what it did to that twelve year old. Put a smile on his face.

Happy birthday, Final Fantasy. And thanks.