A rocking, mega day

スクリーンショット 2013-12-17 23.05.45

Rockman and Final Fantasy 2 share the same birthday. Well, Rockman is one year wiser. Phantasy Star 4 also comes in a few years later. And just when you think I am done listing classics, Rockman X also delivered on the same day as PS4 Wow. Who would have thought two series would have their last good game released on the same day? Pause for pummeling.

I retweeted ゲー誕 a while back, and I have been checking it pretty much every day for a little surge of knowledge. I like this. A lot. Little quick history lessons like this make me feel more alive and happy with my hobby.

If that sounds silly, why do we celebrate any anniversary? There is definitely joy to be had by noting these things and finding ways to do little things in our day to acknowledge them, because if not why are we even doing anything at all in this time on the planet? If these are things that we enjoy, and bring us closer together with other people, then it must be for good.