Cranky candy


A friend was looking for someone to send a request to in Candy Crush Saga to unlock something. I said why not. A few button pushes to help a friend. I booted up the game, did the handshaking[ref]I am sure that is the wrong term here.[/ref] and then played the game once. Eh. No interest[ref]OLD MAN YELLING HERE.[/ref]. But what I was interested in was how much we have gotten the idea that entertainment should be free. I am no saint here either - I am doing it with Pictlogica. I am holding my finger back from sending out a bunch of invites in the hope of getting Free Stuff™.

It makes me realize how small my world is because I just do not know people who spend money on things like this. But they keep getting made! A dollar for a game? Ridiculous! Oh, I feel like a cranky fuck about this. It was irritating to see someone play and enjoy my game and then look offended when they found out it cost a dollar[ref]Two now![/ref]. But I am playing these kinds of things myself[ref]Well, not Candy Crush Saga. I am going to have nightmares from the artwork.[/ref]. And they keep making them.

The system works.