Feelings in the canyon


One of the ways I wasted a lot of my time in college was discussing on the Internet whether or not a game’s story was good. Not why I liked it, but why you should like it. A subtle difference that took a lot of my youth and did not give me so much in return. I could have been playing more games instead, at least.

Replaying Final Fantasy 7 right now, the journey in Cosmo Canyon in which Bungehagen shows Red XIII what happened to his father is not unique. A character thinks their parent is much less good/courageous/etc. than they in fact are[ref]Spoilers.[/ref]. But what hit me this play through was how that I was not allowed to find out this story point until I beat a boss that I found a bit troublesome.

This made me realize what exactly added to this scene. I did not have to turn a page. I did not have to just keep watching. I had to work to get the payout. Perhaps this is a cheap way of triggering emotions[ref]A theme for FF7?[/ref], but it worked.

Then I stuffed Red XII back into my unused party members because I like Yuffie and Cait Sith looks funny. Plus, Vincent is coming up soon.