Taking pictures and challenges


It took me about ten times as long to make this than it did to do the picture to the left of this text. And yet the Miiverse one feels more… genuine? Cool? Someone gave it a smiley face even though I was a dumbass and forgot to include the picture at first. The text looks all funky but having it automagically up in the Internets makes it seem all cool. I dunno, maybe they will fix Miiverse and make it less slow.

Maybe not. I might still use it once in a while. It makes me smile.

For the Sequel is going pretty smoothly because I am pretty much reading the game right now. Level 99 and no-encounters will do that. Wonderful story, though. What a trip! This Hayashi guy, I tell you.

Side note: Did you know that Square-Enix is pretty much telling people to run a low-level challenge of the game? Mm hmm. It is true. Er, that is in Japanese. You can get recognized for playing the game with no imported data and no-encounters. Which means tight decision making and playing. I plan on trying it once I finish this “re-play”. It might take a while. I am o-kay with that.

Would you like a quote from a big Final Fantasy fan? I hope to be a Bravely Default fan for just as long, if not longer.