Scary video games

tumblr_mxmuwbQ52T1qleqfdo1_500 I was playing Pictlogica earlier today and unlocked Reindeer Tidus. He can be leveled up to thirty like most characters at their “maximum fusion” from the start. He has no “fusion upgrades”. When I went to see how I could power up one of the other special characters I unlocked, I noticed I was lacking a necessary item for their upgrade. And the quest to get it is unavailable now. Maybe they will come again sometime, maybe the time is over. It put a light on how forced I am to dedicate myself to this game and its schedule rather than let it adapt to mine. That seems like bad gameplay.

Then I began thinking about it and realize that if I am going to have a game adapt to my schedule, it is (sadly) likelier that I will stop playing it. The idea that I will have to keep going back to a game when the stamina bar has charged or make sure to do the certain quests in this certain amount of time or never see these items again[ref]The humanity.[/ref] makes me realize how flexible I am. And how much the limitations entice me.

How many games are on our shelves that we will get to “”someday”“. It is frightening to think about. Maybe I should get started. These are games. Why do I become afraid of playing them.