Big brave boss


So this level seventy enemy appears on my town in Bravely Default and something tickles within me. I am ready for some fighting. And I have been chunking away at this for a while now and I have no idea how much HP this thing has left but it is not a breeze like the other enemies that have been showing up. Not at all. But I am enjoying it because it has that back and forth of “How am I going to deal with this?”

It keeps on casting Charm-inducing spells which thankfully I put some form of protection onto my white magic casting vampire. Let me say that again “white magic casting vampire”. Ooh, the tingly sensation. Now there is something else this jerk has which is the ability to suck a teammate out of battle for a few turns. Yeah, it blows its turn to do it but that would stink if he snagged my white magic casting vampire while everyone else bonks each other on the head due to being Charmed. Except when the character comes back they lose all positive statuses (Like Re-raise.) and come into battle with Charm despite resistances. Eep.

As I plunk away at this thing, I wonder what I could possibly be rewarded with for beating it. I need no money in the game and any more powerful equipment would not be that big of a deal. But then again the idea of just beating it is something that brings me a bit of joy. I hope that there are some other level 70 and upward enemies that offer a different challenge for me to take on in this town reconstruction area. Having instant access to some rough battles every day seems enticing. This is the merging of the positive parts of traditional console role playing games and the Puzzle and Dragons type games that are coming out. If I am able to take out this boss without relying on the stamina-based, consumable item using system (And let’s be honest, the idea of finishing up a turn with a Esunaga on my team to go into the next turn without Charm afflicting anyone is exciting.) then I will be fairly confident that they made the right choices in this game.

So I wrote that this morning. Right now I just finally beat the thing after pounding at it for a long, long time. I wish there was a turn counter or something because it was a long fight. I would love to know how much I spent on it in terms of turns and items. You can see the image above for what my spoils were. Meaningless at level 99 with all jobs unlocked, but it felt good! I used so many items to finish this jerk off but the satisfaction was really high. I need to refine my job selections because I definitely was not working at an optimal pace here. I did not need to use the Sleep Points, though, so yay for that.

Good, fun fight. Bring on some more.