Sleeping equates to cash

sp_drink_thumb At one point in For the Sequel a dialog box came up to explain a new system Bravely Second. By pressing start in the middle of a battle, you can use Sleep Points to take extra actions right then and there. This will interrupt anything else going on. Each action you take costs one Sleep Point and you can earn up to three, one every eight hours your 3DS sleeps. Hence, Sleep Points.

If that reminds you of the various stamina systems found in Free-to-Play games, then you will not be surprised to find out that you can buy special drinks that fill your Sleep Points up to max. The first one is at a “special price” of one hundred yen. I will not be buying one to find out what the regular price is.

My instinct was to rage. My instinct was to go “Gaming is ruined!” and spit bile. Instead, I will keep on playing. If they screwed with the balance to make you have to plunk down cash, I will be fuming. If it is just an optional thing for people who feel like spending extra cash to have more options in the game, well, so be it. I already beat Bravely Default without this system and with as little time as I get to play each day, my 3DS sleeps enough to keep my Sleep Points at full.

So, we will see. If no one buys these, but still buys the game, it sends the message that I hope will be sent. If people do buy these SP drinks, well, I would hope it is because they want them. If they do sell, and they are not needed, then I suppose that is a win for everyone involved.

My gut says the game will not be ruined, however. Even Square-Enix’s picross-based Puzzle and Dragons clone Pictlogica is completely enjoyable without spending a single yen. For the Sequel is not Free-to-Play but the consumables can be acquired with a little bit of patience. The dice have been cast. Let us now see how they lie.