Resort on the coast


Final Fantasy 7 is the tale of chasing a ghost, all the while encountering various areas meant to show off what Square thought they could do with this fandangled “”new”” technology. There are distinct moments in the game which capture the feeling of being on a journey, one of my favorites being Costa de Sol.

There are many attempts throughout the game to explain why you have to stick to three character parties instead of using all five characters you are wandering around with. But when you get to Costa de Sol and get to see the characters who are not in your party doing various things throughout the resort, not cracking a smile is fairly hard to do. Even after the creepy boat ride you just had.

It is the little details like this that make a game memorable. I find bits like the skits in Tales of games and party chat in a whole lot of other games charming, but in this case your characters are becoming NPCs for you to interact with. Instead of seeing a little scene, you just go into the inn and there is a party member taking a nap. Or putting his sailor suit back on.