For the Sequel has a few good options

BD_for the sequel

Talk about listening to the customers.

Bravely Default: For the Sequel came out today and just looking through the options it feels like they listened to my complaints. The L and R buttons can be set to Brave or Default. This was my biggest complaint about the game and here it is, fixed.

Then the amount of customization put into place is just staggering. Bravely Default raised the bar for RPGs to begin with, but just listen to these options. (These are just the ones that stood out to me as awesome.)

  • Confirm before starting turn: On/Off
  • Shortcut settings (L: Brave R:Default or vice versa.)
  • Voice settings: Japanese/English
  • Text settings: Japanese/English/France/Italian/German/Spanish
  • Left = Cancel, Right = Confirm: On/Off
  • Gain EXP: Yes/No
  • Acquire pg: Yes/No
  • Gain Job Points: Yes/No
  • Difficulty: Easy/Normal/Hard
  • Encounter Rate: +100%, +50%, ± 0%, -50%, -100%

Sweet Yuukichan’s papa, that is a lot of choices. The last few can allow for some honest to goodness challenge runs of this game. I have no idea how possible a level 1 run would go, but clearly the options are here to make things interesting. Bosses only seems possible.

And every cutscene so far seems to have the option to Skip or have the text go automatically, so speed runs and challenge runs of Bravely Default are totally going to become a thing. I cannot wait to see what the communities do with this.

There are a scant few remaining issues I had with this game, but I will have to keep playing to see. I put it on Hard and loaded up my old character data, so we will see how that goes. But thanks to the three save files on this, there are so many options available now that my mind is blown.

Also, For the Sequel downloaded as a full game and large file and I do not have to have the original in my card slot to play. So this seems less patch and more discounted version for owners of the previous version. I am not sure if there is anything in place to prevent several people from just getting ¥2000 discounts with one cart, but either way this is super cool.