Lightning Returns demo


I finally sat down and played the Lightning Returns and I had a real good time. The demo started off with what I assume will be the actual game opening. Either way, it brought a big, dorky smile to my face just like most FF games do. It was flashy, extravagant and got me in the mood for some “”role playing”“.

The first thing that stood out was how it is another logical extension of the FF13 battle system, which has its roots in the battles seen in FFX-2. Back is an emphasis on how the character looks when her “”job”” is changed, but what we get here is an emphasis on the customization in not only the looks but also the moves. There was not a whole lot to play with in the demo, but it looks like there are going to be a whole lot of choices for your attacks but a max of twelve to pick through in battle.

The exciting thing here is that if they deliver some well designed boss fights, deciding how to take them on should be a real treat. My mind already tickles with Four Job Fiesta like ideas of how to mess around with the system.

What stood out after one battle was that Lightning’s HP was not restored to full. 13 and 13-2 put an emphasis on the singular battles rather than particular dungeon crawls. This made for an interesting game in that the individual battles could be much harder than those in prior games.

Removing the automatic HP refill puts emphasis back on items and that was met with a limitation on the number of items able to be carried. Not “Up to 9 potions instead of 99” but rather six items total. The full game will likely have ways to up this limit, but I like the idea of limitations like this.

Limitation does seem to be the theme here. There is a time limit, which I am curios to see how it works. Alas, I am holding off on the game right now because while I adored 13 and 13-2 by the time I had finished them, their prices were a good third of what I had paid. I can wait. I have a lot on my plate, but this demo confirmed that I am jumping in as soon as I can.