Waking up

65818-chrono-trigger-snes-screenshot-crono-s-roomsI find waking up in the morning to be interesting. Damn, that sounds boring. But think about it! From unconsciousness to consciousness and that split second is just a flood of information coming to you. Where am I? What time is it? Am I hot? Am I cold? Do I have to pee? Does my headache feel better? It is Tuesday, right? No? Wednesday? Shit. What is due today?

Perhaps this is why it ends up being such a cliché in video games. Because that is the moment you enter the game and just like the main character who is waking up, you know nothing and in a sense they “”do not”” until they remember. And you learn as they remember.

Chrono Trigger does this well because once you are woken up by your mother you have a few things on your plate already. Go see your friend. There is a fair going on. You were looking forward to this! All right. But what I realized this play through is how interesting it is that you have to talk to your mother a second time to get your allowance.

Right. She does not just give it to her. You prompting that second dialog makes her remember to give you your cash money for the month[ref]I think Americans would say week, right? I think allowance is monthly in Japan, and I think of it that way now.[/ref]. Do you know that she will give you money if you talk to her? Maybe on your second play through.

But is there any intrinsic value to talking to characters in RPGs more than once? You might be used to games where they still complain about the dragon well after you have saved the princess from it. And yet right here Chrono Trigger is showing you that maybe things change with time.