Games I beat in November 2013


  • 2013.11.18: Final Fantasy 6 (Replay, CES Challenge)
  • 2013.11.27: Ys II
  • 2013.11.29: Super Meat Boy
  • 2013.11.30: Dragon Quest (Replay, iOS version)

Heeey there, year, you sure did wind down quick. Insert generic statement here about all of that sort of stuff. Blargh. Anyway! Two replays and two new games! Ys 2 was a nice revenge moment after this happened back in May Two-Thousand-Eleven. A week before my son was born. So, wow. Yeah. Feels good, though! Now I think I will get to Ys 4 as I picked up the Turbo CD version on PSN. Kind of want to play the Super Famicom version as well. Should not be that bad. Need a copy of Ys 5 too, although I will probably be passing on Expert.

Super Meat Boy finishes off the Steam games I own until someone decides to be a nice person and gift me some. It was rough, but I am glad I beat it. This probably sounds dorky, but as it was one of the first games that had me thinking about the whole indie-game-dev-scene, it felt kind of wrong to make and release my own games and not play it. Silly, I know.

Despite having watched FF6 done with a voice over on Nico Nico and plenty of speed runs, playing it myself did not make feel even the slightest bit tiring. I cannot get enough of this game. The challenge to use the least number of characters was a bit much, but fun. Next time I’ll beg doing a normal play, however.

Which brings me to DQ1 but I just talked about that yesterday. It was a great way to finish up the month.

December means Xmas, and Xmas means holidays! I am starting off with my yearly Chrono Trigger replay, and as I have a translation project finishing up soon, I think if I have some free time I should really get into some stuff I have been meaning to get to. Mainly Metal Gear Solid 4. Kind of scared to play that one. Real scared.