I beat Dragon Quest on my iPhone this morning and it was pure pleasure. Being able to poke at the game here and there over the past few days added a bit of charm to my life that I might have spent on twitter.

I have heard many complaints about this game, but having finished it, I have few myself. The menus are surprisingly nice. The buttons are big enough that I did not once hit something that I did not mean to. I would have liked that I could tap anywhere outside of the menu to cancel back to the main screen, however.

On-screen gamepads are fairly awful, and this port does nothing in particular to help that. What is built in, though, is the half-tile steps[ref]Added in the Super Famicom revision.[/ref] which the game uses to prevent these getting stuck moments. It works by assuming that if you are pressing a direction but being half blocked by something you could walk around that you do want to walk around it and shifts you in the proper direction. It not only feels good but looks natural. Helpful on a controller and particularly more at home here in the land of touch-screens.

One fear I have of playing games is that I will be bored because I have seen everything before. This is proven false time and time again because I so do forget a lot. I had an itch to check a guide the few times I forgot something, but I avoided it and was satisfied to find all the information I needed in the game. The big thing I had forgotten was where you find out where the Emblem of Loto is[ref]I knew whereabouts it was but not who told you the exact spot.[/ref]. I also, for some reason, thought that there was a Loto Shield in this game, but that is 2.

Speaking of which, I do hope that and 3 come soon. With 4 through 7 having wonderful portable versions already, I am not too sure how much I need them on my iPhone. The first three, I have been waiting to have for some time now. I was pleased with this, even more so because it was free - and will be until 12/10.