Ys 2

Not safe for work? Eep. I completed Ys 2 tonight which was an infuriating event for the most part. Those dungeons were just out of control near the end and as they would not be particularly easy to map out myself, I had a lot of crunching to do.

But it was fun! The Ys games feel like a weird alter-game that exists parallel to the real world video games we know and love. The way that the items go into set spots in your inventory - but not in any order that made sense to me - gives this otherworldly feeling. The ramming into enemies to attack was much less pronounced in this game as most of it was hurling fireballs around. The final boss felt like a shooter where you had to dodge the bullets but stay near the enemy.

It was all a bunch of foreign feeling elements to me. Ys 3, which I have always really liked, was much more familiar as a Zelda 2-like game. I picked up the PC Engine version of Ys 4 as it was on PSN for 800 points. My Vita is a bit clogged at the moment with me playing FF7 and Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter, but it looks like I might feel the urge to jump into 4 soon.

These Falcom folks seem pretty cool. Ending picture is a bit weird, though.