People make video games

Tonight was the most fun I have had with video game news since, well, maybe ripping open a new issue of Nintendo Power.

Atlus trolled long and hard with this event they had. Everyone was basically hoping for the Persona 5 reveal and they knew it. They showed off games that they knew would make people go “What the hell is this crap!” at worst or “Okay, neat but where is P5?” at best. The Persona 5 announcement did come, but not before a few neat games showed up.

What this all reminded me was that there are people working at companies. This is so obvious, but the way we talk about companies - game or otherwise - makes them seem like one big looming powerful machine completely devoid of human thought or emotions. Yet Atlus showed tonight their human side by playing with us. Toying with us by knowing what we wanted and teasing until it was almost too much.

Then they gave us what we wanted. Then the dust settled. Then we began to form our opinions on the other things that are coming. Some more interesting to certain people than others, sure. I will not be touching Arena simply because I do not have time for fighters. Getting some Jojo ASB in here and there is hard enough.

But even though an animated bear was delivering the news to me tonight, I could feel the smiles of the people who had worked to make this event. The smell of sweat and stress was also in the air, but ultimately a sense of pride in the work. It was refreshing.