Super High School Psychology Class Boy

Left in the OS X window bar because it is there, you know? Super Meat Boy has been bit of a harrowing experience. Not because of the difficulty. I can deal with the finger pain. Not because of the repetition. I find it relaxing, like sweeping the floor. No, this game needs so much finger action that it lets parts of the brain just crunch data. And the mind begins to reflect upon itself.

It does not take more than twenty deaths at the same spot to trigger “Why am I making the same mistake over again?” This general question pricks at the mind and the rest of life begins to swim around the brain trying to answer this vague, unspecific question. Answers, formed in questions, begin to flow. “I am paying attention, but am I paying attention?”

Is attention being paid to the right things? I just made that jump. I did not make it twelve times in a row. Is that not something to applaud myself for? I just missed the first easy jump. Is that not something laugh over?

Am I breathing right? That is a big deal with stress. Am I paying attention to what my body is feeling? Why is it such a “”nerd”” thing to feel separate from the body when the mind and the body both need each other so much? No, despite what I think about how easy it would be if I did not have this body that I had to interact via, that would not be the case. Because it is impossible. The body is here and it is working with the mind. They are one.

And the saws keep spinning.