Slumming it


The Midgar slums feel so lived in. There is junk everywhere, and if it repeats at all, there is enough that it is almost impossible to notice. Coming from FF6 with its breathtaking sprites and backgrounds, I cannot help but notice the extreme detail that went into making Midgar feel real.

Particularly the sector 5 slums, right outside of Aerith’s house just feels so jam packed with stuff. The guy who are sick and his crap filled pipe that he lives in. The little boy with five gil stashed in a secret drawer. Even the untouchable, non-interactive backgrounds of stuff piled into corners just gives that feeling when you went to a new friend’s house and it is just a little messier than you were expecting. You cannot say anything, but you feel awkward nonetheless.

There is so much that I feel like I have never noticed any of it before. I know I have. It would have been nearly impossible to not have noticed it. Yet it is so dense that it overwhelms the senses and builds a world that touches deep inside at an insecurity of “What if my life goes a way I do not want it to?” I have electricity, food, shelter, the luxury of playing a sixteen year old video game on a handheld system. And yet anything could change that in an instant and my life could be like that of those living in the Midgar slums.