A perfect storm of ridiculous


I have no idea who designed this boss fight in Sora no Kiseki Second Chapter but I want to slap them.

First, there are four normal mist enemies and two big mist enemies.

The four mist enemies:

  • Generally dodge physical attacks.
  • Use arts-canceling attacks.
  • Use attacks that put characters to sleep or confuse them.

Fighting these things is slow enough as is, but then comes the real bullshit.

One of the large mists cannot be damaged by arts. The other cannot be damaged by physical attacks.

  • One of them can summon normal mists.
  • One of them casts a wide area attack which does large damage and also can confuse or put characters to sleep.
  • This one gets healed by physical attacks - the same attacks that are used to cancel arts. Of course, as these are mists the art-canceling attacks can, you guessed it, miss.

So if you use physical attacks, you miss most of the time. If you use arts, they get cancelled if they are not lucky enough to lie in the queue before enemy attacks.

Yes, I should have saved before the battle - but I had no clue it was coming! Yes, there are equips that prevent these status effects but holy wow, this was hard.

I did eventually get it with a lot of attrition. My supplies are drained. Thank you, surprise cookies. This is a prime example of something that feels really good after it is done but holy hell I did not enjoy doing it