CES - Not just an electronics show


Finishing off Final Fantasy 6 with only Celes, Edgar and Setzer was pretty easy because I played with the game absolutely broken via the equipping of Autobows to my characters’ heads. Even then, there was still some challenge.

Attacks that ignore defense, status effects that are not blocked by a Ribbon and various jerk-like things such as the instant death attack at the end of the third tier fight of the final boss meant that I had to go to Kefka with two characters.

He promptly, as he always does, dropped my characters down to one HP. Which, even when most attacks only do one damage when you have an Autobow on your head, well. Do the math.

The hardest part was easily the final dungeon where I had to traverse with single character parties. I had forgotten to grab a Safety Bit and Setzer levels up to 50 right before an area where Level 5 Death casting jerks were all over the place. Lots of resetting, unfortunately.

Not I am on to FF7! Since the Vita versions of X and X-2 come out December 26, I will be holding those replays off until next year. The Playstation “”Trilogy”” is my last goal for this year’s Final Fantasy replays.